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As a part of the European Leonardo POOLS project – www.languages.dk – Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and partners have created 40 short videos aimed at learners of both English and Gaelic. The videos are of two kinds. Firstly, short scripted documentaries have been produced with a voice-over commentary in plain language. Secondly, “in their own words” interviews with participants in the documentaries or other community members have also been recorded. The documentaries are generally 4-7 minutes long. In relatively simple language they provide an introduction to a particular topic, event, or situation in the Uists. The interviews vary in length between 2 and 7 minutes. They present an opportunity for learners to listen to unscripted conversation at natural speed. As a listening exercise they will be best suited to those learners who already have a good grasp of the core grammar of the language, and are looking to expand their vocabulary and train their ears to natural spoken language. Sample videos have been placed on the hebrides.tv site. The full catalogue, including transcripts, is available at http://www.languages.dk/archive/video_data/Scottish_Island_Voices.pdf

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